Thursday, August 2, 2012

Women Are Ditching the Gym and Making Their Way To Fitness Boot Camps

Gym rats are old news. Hitting the gym several times a week can get boring, and hiring a personal fitness trainer can be quite expensive. Furthermore, doing the same workouts at the gym time and time again might even result in the possibility that you aren't being challenged enough or even worse, you hit a plateau in your training goals.
So what are women doing to combat this boring, same old routine? They are taking advantage of fitness boot camps. If you are thinking about ditching the gym and finding a new way to get in shape and keep it that way, here is what you can expect by choosing a fitness boot camp.
1. More Than an Exercise Class: A good fitness camp will offer more than just a hard and awesome workout. You should be able to get the nutritional information you need and the motivational support you are looking for to accomplish any fitness goal. By getting an all around holistic fitness approach, you can succeed whether you are trying to lose weight, stay in shape, or simply get healthier. Many classes provide support through email, newsletters, and support groups as well as incentives such as contests and friendly competitions.
2. Flexibility: Many camps have ongoing enrollment so you can start very soon when you are ready. Also, many have multiple times in the early morning of 5:30 AM, after dropping kids off from school, and after work. This should help you to find a session that works for you and your schedule. You should also be able to attend as many or as few of these sessions each month without penalty or feeling like you're being left behind.
3. Guaranteed to Work: You want to seek out a boot camp that is headed by a well qualified instructor who will provide you with a guarantee that if you work the program the way you are shown how to, you will see results. The instructors that truly believe in the power of their program will be more than willing to stand behind it. This doesn't mean that you won't have to put the work in, but it does mean that you can count on the support, education, and butt kicking that you need. Few offerings will do a guarantee like this.
4. Fun Exciting Way to Get Fit: An effective offering will afford you the opportunity have the most results-oriented and exciting experience while providing you with a sense of adventure and fun during each and every session. The activities should be challenging and interesting at the same time, without making you so sore that you don't want to show up for the next session. There is a lot to learn and accomplish from taking part in a fitness boot camp and it can actually change your entire life. In fact, you might even get a little addicted to it!